24.08.2014 International Dogshow in Tallinn, judge Ingrid Hein from Estonia - Fredy open class EXC.

23.08.2014 International Dogshow in Tallinn, judge Ümit Özkanal from Turkey - Fredy open class EXC-3 and CQ.

01.08.2014 were born 9 lovely puppies to Lola and Fredy - 4 girls and 5 boys. Puppies and mummy feel good.

13.07.2014 National Dogshow in Ogre in Latvia, jugde Patric Ragnarsson from Sweden - Fredy open class EXC-3.

12.07.2014 National Dogshow in Ogre in Latvia, judge Pero Bozhinovski from Macedonia - Fredy open class EXC-2.

12.07.2014 Speciality show for retrieves in Ogre in Latvia, judge Kostadin Sharkov from Bulgaria - Fredy open class VG.

27.06.2014 Wonderful news from Finland. Lola - Let Me Love You Brdske zlato - was in ultrasound today and her pregnancy was confirmed. We are expecting puppies on week31. If you are interested in puppies, please contact with Kati or with me.

Fredy had a very buzy weekend. Besides of 2 long show days, visited him a beautiful finnish pride Let Me Love You Brdske zlato. They liked each other very much and we hope that at the beginning of August Fredy will be again a proud father!

01.06.2014 International Dogshow "Estonian Winner", judge Barbara Krumpak from Slovenia - Fredy open class VG.

31.05.2014 Retrievers Speciality show in Tallinn, judge Alexia Kammenou from Creek - Fredy open class EXC.

27.05.2014 Again sad day. Today left on the rainbow bridge Chap's granddaughter Tekla - Rogerwiek Indian Summer 23.9.2005 - 27.5.2014. Good bye dear Tekla :(

10.05.2014 Today was very sad day. Our Fredy's lovely mum Cori - CH CZ & PL Crazy Corazon Brdské zlato 19.5.2007 - 10.5.2014 left us. She was like a sunbeam, always happy and smiling. I am happy that I had an opportunity to meet her. But her optimism, happiness and energy will live in our Fredy! Good bye dear Cori :(

29.03.2014 Fredy's son Kusti - Rogerwiek Wild West Wayatt Earp was on his first dog show in Rakvere in baby class. He was very successful - got PP and Best of Breed Baby. The judge was Nicola Smolic from Croatia, who gave very good judgement with the mark that he needs a bit more showtraining. As Kusti didn't like to show teeth and instead of that he lied down on his back and let the judge to scratch his stomach. But with the moving he managed very well. Well done Kusti! And many congratulations to Heili!

13.01.2014 Today was a very sad day. Today left from us Chapi's first puppy Pupi (Tweedlyn Happy birthday). Run free on the rainbow bridge, dear Pupi! We still remember her so:

09.01.2014 Our little babies have their first birthday (2 months) in their own homes. Happy birthday to them and their loving families!

28.12.2013 Most of the puppies have left us and live with their new loving families except Sofi, who will meet the new year with her mummy and after that will go to the long trip home. I am very happy that all the puppies have so nice and loving families!

23.12.2013 Today we were with puppies at the vet to get microchips. All puppies are controlled and healthy. This was also their first trip with the car. No-one felt queasy and they all were sleeping most of the time.

21.12.2013 Puppies are 6 weeks old. All of them have got loving families and going to leave us next week and move into their new homes. On Monday there is a very important day for them - we visit the vet and they will get microchips.

09.12.2013 Puppies have their first birthday today - 1 month. They are very active, love the contact with people and love very much to play with each other. As they move so fast, it is difficult to get good pictures of them. Only when they are sleeping. From Saturday they started to get real food also.

25.11.2013 Puppies are 16 days old and much grown in last days. They are much more active now and are walking on their own feet. They are very interested in surroundings and like to contact very much. They are already trying to play with each other. 

20.11.2013 Puppies are 11 days old and doing first steps on their legs. They can see and hear. Today was puppies first nail cutting.

17.11.2013 Our puppies are already 1 week old. Today their eyes began to open. They are eating well and are growing fast. They are moving much more lively now. Demi is a very good mum for her own 5 puppies and also for 2 stepbrother.

09.11.2013 Fredy became a proud father of 5 wonderful puppies - 2 girls and 3 boys. Puppies mother is Rogerwiek Dedicated Demeter. More about the litter on Fredy`s progeny page.

20.10.2013 National Dog Show in Rakvere, judge Birte Scheel from Denmark - excellent/1, SQ, Best Dog-4!!!

19.10.2013 National Dog Show in Rakvere, judge Natalia Sedykh from Russia - excellent/1, CQ, our third CAC!!!

18.08.2013 International dog show in Tallinn, judge Audrone Babianskiene from Lithuania - excellent/1, CQ.

17.08.2013 Internationl dog show in Tallinn, judge Borge Espeland from Norway - excellent/2.

27.07.2013 Speciality show for golden retrievers in Põlvamaa, judge Berit Bondal from Norway - excellent.

14.07.2013 National Dog Show in Viimsi, judge Vera Smirnova from Estonia - EXC-1, Best Dog-3, second CAC!!! With this Fredy did the wonderful birthday gift to himself and me being last day in the intermediate class.

13.07.2013 National Dog Show in Viimsi, judge Gunnar Nymann from Denmark - VG.

07.07.2013 International Dog Show in Pärnu, judge Oleg Vasiljev from Russia - EXC-3, CQ.

06.07.2013 International Dog Show in Pärnu, judge Rui Oliveira from Portugal - EXC-3.

30.06.2013 National Dog Show in Luige, judge Zsuzanna Vaczi-Balogh from Hungary - EXC-1, CQ.

29.06-2013 National Dog Show in Haapsalu, judge Jan Ryk from Poland - EXC-1, CQ.

11.05.2013 After 7 months break from dogshows Fredy was on Speciality show for hunting dogs in intermediate class EXC-1 and got his first EST CAC!

08.11.2012 Fredy passed eye ecamination - eyes clear (does not show symptoms of PRA, RD and HC)!

10.10.2012 Fredy has wonderful x-ray results - hips A/A, elbows 0/0!!!

10.09.2012 Great news from France! Fredy's father Churchill Rayleas De Lorfillec was genetically tested for GR_PRA1 and GR_PRA2 and both with results CLEAR! So both Fredy's parents are genetically tested and clear.

08.09.2012 National Dog Show in Luige, judge Igor Selimovic from Croatia, EXC-3.

18.08.2012 Retrievers Speciality Show in Tallinn, judge Brenda Hutchinson from Great Britain, EXC-3!

28.07.2012 National Dog Show in Haapsalu, judge Wim Wellens from Netherlands, VG-4.

18.07.2012 Fredy`s mum Crazy Corazon Brdske zlato was geneticaly tested for PRA-prcd and GR PRA1 all with results N/N Clear. Wonderful!

22.07.2012 National Dog Show in Ülenurme, judge Tatjana Urek, EXC-3.

21.07.2012 National Dog Show in Räpina, judge Dick Rutten from Netherlands, EXC - 2, Best dog - 3!

For Fredy this was the first show trip without the support of Chap which lasted several days. We were at my sons Marko`s place and we had a very nice time and Fredy managed very well.

08.07.2012 National Dog Show in Luige, judge Lidija Oklescen, EXC.

01.07.2012 National Dog Show in Viimsi, judge Monika Blaha, VG.

30.06.2012 National Dog Show in Viimsi, judge Ligita Zake, EXC.

02.06.2012 Speciality show for retrievers in Tallinn, judge Sven Slettedal, VG.

28.04.2012 National Dog Show in Narva, judge Natasha Davidovic, VG.

15.04.2012 International Dog Show "Tallinn Winner-2012". Fredy celebrated his 9-month old birthday in showring  and was first time in junior class and got "excellent" and 3-rd place.

07.04.2012 Fredy took part of competitions in obedience and gained 4-th place with "magnificent" and got 101 points of 105! Judge was Margot Luukas.

22.02.2012 Fredy finished his Puppy school with the puppy class exam in obedience and gained 95,5 points from 100.

12.02.2012 International Dog show "Winter Cup 2012". Fredy in puppy class - 2. place, PP! Judge Aleksei Belkin from Russia.

15.01.2012 National Dog show in Tartu. Fredy's first time in puppy class on his 6-th month birthday - 3.place. Judge was Paul Rekiranta from Finland.

Chap - The most beautiful male veteran golden retriever of year 2011!

With this year Chap finished his succesful and long show career and retired, which he deserves with honour and now he gives the baton fo Fredy!

11.12.2011 Puppy and veteran Christmas show, judge Kalvo Kriisk from Estonia. This was Fredy`s first show - very promising and 4.place!

Chap achieved in the contest "Estonian Kennel Union's best Veteran dog 2011" 14. place!!!

14.09.2011 Joined with us our new family member I'm Your Destiny Brdske zlato or simply FREDY!