24.08.2014 Internation Dog show, judge Ingrid Hein from Estonia. Open class - EXC.

Good bones and size. Good head for the breed, teeth ok, enough neck length, level topline, good angulation but a little bit narrow in the rear movement. Very well developed ribcage.

23.08.2014 International Dog show, judge Ümit Özkanal from Turkey. Open class - EXC/3, CQ.

Good head and teeth, pigment on the nose could be better, good topline and front, hind legs crossing, coat ok.

01.06.2014 International Dog show "Estonian Winner", judge Barbara Krumpak from Slovenia. Open class - VG.

Big boy of a golden-golden color. Nice mascu7line head with excellent pigmentation. Would prefer a bit longer neck. Slightly upright shoulders but good topline. Good deep chest. In excellent coat condition. Moves well.

31.05.2014 Retrievers Speciality show in Tallinn, judge Alexia Kammenou from Creek, Open class - EXC.

2,5 year well balanced dog all over. Very nice front angulation, long upper arm, correct shoulder placement, short coupled, correct back angulation and tail set, moves steadily.

20.10.2013 National Dog Show in Rakvere, jugde Birte Scheel from Denmark. Open class - EXC-1, CQ, Best Dog-4!

2 years, well developed male, correct masculine head and expression, dark eyes, correct bite, neck could be little longer, acceptable front, straight topline, acceptable tailset, well angulated behind, strong bone, moves with good drive, nice coat and temperament.

19.10.2013 National Dog Show in Rakvere, judge Natalia Sedykh from Russia. Open class - EXC-1, CQ, third CAC!

18.08.2013 International Dog Show in Tallinn, judge Audrone Babianskiene from Lithuania. Open class - EXC-1, CQ!

Beautiful typical for breed head, enough fulfilled face, normal eyes and and ears, strong, good type, normal chest, normal topline, moves well freely, good temperament.

17.08.2013 International Dog Show in Tallinn, judge Borge Espeland from Norway. Open class - EXC-2.

Strong appealing male of excellent type, masculine head, good expression, nice dark points, would like more reach and length of neck, front could be more laid-back, lovely body, straight topline, nicely angulated behind, good bone and feet, lovely coat, moves with good stride from side but not enough parallel behind.

27.07.2013 Speciality show for golden retrievers in Põlvamaa, judge Berit Bondal from Norway. Open class - EXC.

Masculine dog of excellent type, very good masculine head, good neck and topline, very good shoulders, a little short upper arm, very good stiffles, very nice coat, moves very well, good handler.

14.07.2013 National Dog Show in Viimsi, judge Vera Smirnova from Estonia. Intermediate class - EXC-1, Best Dog - 3, CAC!

Excellent type, good bones and growth, good head, strong back, would like more forechest, deep ribcage, enough front- and good back angulation, energetic movement.

13.07.2013 National Dog Show in Viimsi, judge Gunnar Nymann from Denmark. Intermediate class - VG.

2 years, strong male, good size, sufficient lenght of legs, good expression, nice eye colour, enough pigmentation, scissors bite, strong enough neck, would like stronger forechest, good topline and tailset, could stand stronger front and rear, close neary crossing in rear.

07.07.2013 International Dog Show in Pärnu, judge Oleg Vasiljev from Russia. Intermediate class - EXC-3, CQ.

Strong, typical for breed, typical for breed head, level topline, good angulationd, moves freely, normal structure of coat.

06.07.2013 International Dog Show in Pärnu, judge Rui Oliveira from Portugal. Intermediate class - EXC-3.

Well balanced head, nice shape, good shoulders, good topline and ribcage, front and hindlegs could be better, accept. tail carriage.

30.06.2013 National dog show in Luige, judge Zsuzanna Vaczi-Balogh from Hungary. Intermediate class - EXC-1, CQ.

Strong, but elegant dog with nice head and coat. Correct front and body. Moving excellent.

29.06.2013 National dog show in Haapsalu, judge Jan Ryk from Poland. Intermediate class - EXC-1, CQ.

Strong dog, nice head and neck, good bones, little bit flat chest, good lines and angulation, typical movement.

11.05.2013 Speciality show for hunting dogs in Türi. Judge Attila Czegledi from Hungary. Intermediate class - EXC-1, EST CAC!

Right size, clearly shaped male, nicely headed, beautiful eyes, strong, bit short neck, good front, nice topline, firm, well ribbed body, good tailset, good bone. I liked more powerful rear and rear angulation. Happy and sound mover. 

08.09.2012 National Dog Show in Luige, Judge Igor Selimovic from Croatia, Junior class - EXC-3.

In developing, short and compact, good line of head and expression, straight back and good angulations, moved easily, good coat and temperament.

18.08.2012 Retrievers Speciality Show in Tallinn, Judge Brenda Hutchinson from Great Britain, Junior class - EXC-3!

Well grown dog, typical head, good bone, would like more fron angulation, good topline and stiffles, not in best condition today, moved ok.

28.07.2012 National Dog show in Haapsalu, judge Wim Wellens from Netherlands, Junior class - VG-4.

Typical male, showing at his movement higher on legs. Typical head. Nice soft expression and correct bite. Correct angulations and topline. Strong bone. Typical soft coat. Good color. Nice temperament. Still a bit narrow on the move. Needs more time.

22.07.2012 National Dog show in Ülenurme, judge Tatjana Urek. Junior class - EXC-3.

Strong male, correct head and bite, shorter neck with correct topline, good depth of chest, good length of body, straighter angulation in front, correct behind, good coat quality, narrow movement behind.

21.07.2012 National Dog Show in Räpina, judge Dick Rutten from Netherland. Junior class - ESC-2, Best dog - 3!

12 months, excellent type, excellent head, strong body, topline should be a bit straighter, slightly goose rump, strong bone, correct feet, a little bit narrow while moving, should have more power.

08.07.2012 National Dog Show in Luige, judge Lidija Oklescen from Serbia. Junior class - EXC.

Good size and body proportions, strong bones, correct head, dark eyes, short neck, correct topline, correct angulation in both sides, movement ok.

01.07.2012 National Dog Show in Viimsi, judge Monika Blaha from Austria. Junior class - VG.

Nice head, dark eyes and pigment, neck long enough, good outline, angulaltion ok, very nice coat, in movement narrow and should be stronger in topline.

30.06.2012 National Dog Show in Viimsi, judge Ligita Zake from Latvia. Junior class - EXC.

Strong powerful male, nice type of head and expression, strong topline, broad deep body, correct angulation, could have more parallel movement, moves ok from side.

02.06.2012 Speciality show for retrievers in Tallinn, judge Sven Slettedal from Norway. Junior class - VG.

Male of right size but he still reminds me of a puppy, very loose in movement and a bit too much weight, nice head, correct trout, level topline, dropping bit in crupe, could have better stifle behind, could have more power behing when moving, nice temperament, lovely coat.

 12.05.2012 Special Dog show for hunting dogs in Türi, judge Raija Tammelin from Finland. Junior class - VG.

9 months male who could do better with less body weight, well developed head, nice eye and pigment, topline need to settle with age, at the moment very short croup, very good bone, short upper-arm, hind quarters need to develop more, moves well from side, narrow from hind, nice coat and temperament.

28.04.2012 National Dog Show in Narva, judge Natasha Davidovich from Serbia. Junior class - VG.

Critics was: Strong masculine head, excellent pigment, good front, strong bone, deep ribbs, correct angulation, coat in good condition, not enough good balance in movement.

15.04.2012 International Dog Show "Tallinn Winner 2012", judge Helin Kasuk-Tenson from Estonia. On his 9-month old birthday first time in junior class - EXC/3.

Critics: Excellent type. Well developed. Masculine. Good head and pigmentation. Excellent top and lower line and angulation. A little bit long in lain. Coat and tail OK. Free moving.

12.02.2012 International Dog Show "Winter Cup 2012" in Tallinn, judge Aleksei Belkin from Russia - 2.place, PP.

Critics: Good size. Well developed for his age. Good deep, wide, a little bit short chest. Would like to have wider footstep."

11.02.2012 Speciality Show for golden retrievers in Tallinn, judge Sandra Lane from England.

Critics: Very nice type, good head and pigmentation, adequate front angulation. Well of bone and substance. I would prefer to see a level topline when moving and more extention in rear action."

15.01.2012 National Dog show in Tartu. First time in puppy class on his 6-th month birthday - 3.place. Judge was Paul Rekiranta from Finland.

Critics: Very good type and proportion, still a bit narrow scull, dark eye, nice expression, good neck, a bit straight in shoulder, good ribcage and rare, good bone and coat quality, still very loose in movement, nice temperament.

11.12.2011 Puppy and veteran Christmas show, judge Kalvo Kriisk from Estonia, very promising 4.place.

Critics: Very good type, very beautiful head and expression, excellent pigment, right placing of ears, excellent topline when standing, would like to have more forefront, good front angulation, excellent rare angulation, on moving looses his topline, excellent temperament, well presented.