Chap is the proud father of 5 litters and 23 puppies.

5.litter was born on 30.12.2005. Puppies mum is Blanche of Dreamland.

male - Four Seasons White Christmas

male - Four Seasons White Frost

female - Four Seasons Snow Rose

female - Four Seasons Snow White

4.litter was bron on 11.08.2004. Puppies mum is Delibes's Jig Pulp or Maxi kennel Delibes's.

male - Delibes's Hank Hancock

male - Delibes's Harry Harden

male - Delibes's Henry Henman

female - Delibes's Hanna Hannigan A/A 0/0

female - Delibes's Hilda Hilden A/A 0/0

3.litter was born on 23.06.2003. Puppies mum is Mysis Quilted Rose or Leedi kennel Rogerwiek.

male - EST J CH EST V CH LV RUS BLR CH Rogerwiek Daddy Saw My Birth B/B 0/0

male - Rogerwiek Midsummer Eve B/B 0/0

female - EST J CH Rogerwiek Blossom Of Fern B/B 0/0

female - Rogerwiek Midsummer Swallow

female - Rogerwiek Glow of Bonfire

2. litter was born on 24.02.2003. Puppies mum is Oktava Vilnoja or Oki kennel Radiant Blues.

male - Radiant Blues Tweenies Izzles

male - EST J CH Radiant Blues Tweenies Jake

male - Radiant Blues Tweenies Max

male - Radiant Blues Tweenies Milo

female - Radiant Blues Tweenies Bella

female - Radiant Blues Tweenies Doodles A/A  0/0

female - Radiant Blues Tweenies Fizzy

female - Radiant Blues Tweenies Judy

1. litter was born on 15.11.2002. The mum of the only puppy is Stanhope Goldenspot or Lola kennel Tweedlyn.

female - Tweedlyn Happy Birthday A/A  0/0